Physical activity in pregnancy and postpartum on different continents. How do we differ and which taboo topics are common?


In this webinar, eminent experts from different countries will share their experiences. We have invited internationally recognized scientists and practitioners in the field of exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth. Based on their many years of research, we hope to encourage pregnant and postpartum women to systematic physical activity. We also want to inspire exercise professionals to update their competences. We will present vocational training developed as part of the international NEPPE project ‘New Era of Pre and Postnatal Exercise’.
This webinar is aimed in particular at fitness instructors, personal trainers, yoga and Pilates teachers, exercise specialists, physiotherapists, as well as training providers, health professionals, obstetric care providers and pregnant and postpartum exercisers.

Our experts:
prof. Lene Haakstadt, Norwegian School of Sport Science, Norway
prof. Mireille van Poppel, University of Graz, Austria
assoc. prof. Sarah J. Moss, North-West University, South African Repaublic
assist. prof. Najmeh Shojaeian, Islamic Azad University, Iran
assoc. prof. Xian Guo, Beijing Sport University, China
assoc. prof. Anna Szumilewicz – the NEPPE project coordinator, Gdansk University of Physical
Education and Sport, Poland
Event organizer: Supermama Birth School and Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport, Poland

Lokalizacja: Gdańsk



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